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Kim's clients discuss their Bonsai lessons, journey and development through this hobby

I first met Kim when I was enquiring about bonsai lessons for my adult disabled son.

She was always professional, highly recommended, knowledgeable and dedicated. Her artistic talent and devotion to bonsai was inspiring but more importantly, she always made us feel welcome and comfortable.

Her class was well-prepared, but upon realising my son's prior bonsai knowledge and his heightened anxiety, she made every effort to accommodate his needs. Kim was calm and patient as she gently guided and encouraged my son, as he reconnected with his love of Bonsai.

As I got to know Kim, she is a positive, gentle, caring lady who is always supportive and helpful. Having attended bonsai exhibitions with my son, it is easy to see why Kim is highly respected both as an artist and as a person with her talent and friendly disposition.

Gold Coast

Kim, thank you so much for introducing me to bonsai. I absolutely loved my lessons and have enjoyed both the theory and practical sides. Such a relaxing experience and the fact that you are so passionate and have a deep knowledge to share is inspiring.

Gold Coast
Lilliannah Bonsai Testimonials

I had all my questions answered along with styling and wiring techniques. I have taken away skills and confidence that I look forward to applying to my trees at home! Highly recommended to anyone looking to further their bonsai knowledge.

Gold Coast

For anyone interested in bonsai, I throughly recommend to attend Kim's bonsai workshops. Kim is truly gifted in what she does and has a wealth of knowledge. Had a tremendous afternoon and learnt alot.

Gold Coast

A very big thank you to Kim for an amazing afternoon. My mum and I absolutely loved every minute of it and we couldn't be happier. We learnt so much and love our gorgeous bonsai. We can't wait for our catch up lesson in two weeks with Kim to see how our bonsai are going. Thank you

Gold Coast
Lilliannah Bonsai Testimonials

Thank you so much Kim for an incredible session about bonsai with the Women's Multicultural Friendship Group. The women were fascinated by the bonsai and amazed at your incredible work. It is obvious you have so much knowledge and passion about this incredible art form.

We highly recommend your classes to anyone seeking to learn more about bonsai.

Women's Multicultural Friendship Group
Lilliannah Bonsai Testimonials

Thank you so much Kim for your wonderful work with our students in Year 8 today. They throughly enjoyed the group research and analysis tasks and I was throughly impressed with their attention to detail when judging each bonsai. Your experience and generosity with your plants is amazing! We look forward to working with you again.

AB Patterson College

Thank you so much for coming to our college today and presenting your amazing bonsai experience and workshop to our students! I really appreicate that you played an important part in our students' appreciation of Japanese culture. I also hope you will consider visiting us again in the near future.

AB Patterson College

Kim is a fantastic teacher of bonsai. I am so happy doing this fascinating art form and I would highly recommend anyone to learn this hobby with Kim as their teacher.

Hope Island

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